Tellmellow – Get Free Coupon – Mellow Survey

Tellmellow – Mellow Mushroom is a portion of fast food and especially pizza food chain that gives an opportunity of the survey by the customers as customer’s survey plays an essential role for the restaurant.


Tellmellow – Get Free Coupon – Mellow Survey

For the survey, they provide a site where you can enter as a participant in the survey. With the help of a study, they can know the reviews of their customer services.

With an online feedback program, you can give them feedback easily. Also, the survey is very beneficial for the restaurant because they can know about any complaint in the food and services to improve them.

How to Take A Tellmellow Survey?

  • First, go to the official website for taking an online survey of the Mellow Mushroom.
  • Then read out all things given on the open page Tellmellow so that you can know about the instructions.
  • If you are interested in taking the privacy policy, click on the left-hand corner at the bottom.
  • Keep the receipt ready to participate in the survey you got from your last visit to Mellow Mushroom.
  • Enter the code from the receipt.
  • Next, answer the question provided by the Mellow Mushroom for the customer satisfaction survey.
  • After answering all questions, proceed to next.
  • After doing all these processes, click “start.”

Benefits and Rewards

When you complete the survey, you will get rewards and prizes from the Mellow Mushroom. You will get a $5 discount coupon code that you can use for the next visit to Mellow Mushroom. You can redeem you coupon of $5 at your next stay at any food stall of the Mellow Mushroom.


Terms and Conditions or Rules 

  • With one receipt, you can get only one entry.
  • For taking part in the survey, you need to purchase some food items from the Mellow Mushroom.
  • Must contain the purchase bill from Mellow Mushroom to enter the survey.
  • There are five surveys available in a month.
  • You can enter the survey only after completing the seven days of your purchase.
  • Must be a legal resident of the USA.
  • You cannot transfer your rewards points.
  • You must be 18+


  • You should be eighteen plus for taking the survey.
  • You should have an active email ID.
  • You must contain the receipt of the Mellow Mushroom.
  • You need to have a web device for the online customer satisfaction survey.
  • You have to give all your details to the websites.
  • One member can get only once the benefits of the rewards.


Eligibility and Criteria 

  • You must contain the nationality of the USA.
  • Your age must be eighteen plus to participate in the survey.
  • For taking the survey, you must have a strong internet connection.
  • You should contain a valid email ID.
  • If you are an employee of the Mellow Mushroom, you are not allowed to participate in the survey.
  • One cannot transfer their rewards to others.
  • You must know English for entering the survey.

About Mellow Survey

Mellow Mushroom is a food chain in Georgia, America, famous for its tasty pizza. It is a food chain that was established in the year 1974 and got higher success.

Everyone once eat the pizza of the Mellow Mushroom, becomes a fan of it. That is the only reason it spreads its popularity all over the USA.

They offer fast food, and special food is pizza to the people and now they have around 150 shops. Some of them are operating a franchise all over the USA.



This survey is very helpful to win the prizes and rewards from the Mellow Mushroom. You can easily enter this survey with the official website link

The above section will help to take the study of Mellow Mushroom easily. In the above part, there are all the things that you have to know before participating in the survey. All the rules, regulations, requirements are given that make your participation easy and quick.

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Tellmellow FAQs

  • How do you take the Mellow Mushroom Survey?

Answer – For participating in the survey, Tellmellow you have to go first to the official portal of the Mellow Mushroom and fulfill all the requirements.

  • How can you get the rewards from Mellow Mushroom?

Answer – You have to sign up for the survey, and after completing the survey, you can get the rewards. You should provide your details for finishing the study.

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