Telldestinationxl – Tell Destination XL Customer Satisfaction Survey

Telldestinationxl – The name of our corporation is Telldestination. To take part in the TellDestinationXL customer satisfaction survey, please go to


Telldestinationxl – Tell Destination XL Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you fill out the survey, you might get $15 off your next purchase. The sole reason for doing this poll online is to ensure that customer happiness remains a top priority for the company.

Whether you bought your Destination XL item at a store or on the web, you now have the exclusive opportunity to tell the world what you think.

We made a concerted effort to ensure that this survey will take as little of your time as possible. Please take this offer for $15 off your next purchase as our thanks for participating in our survey.

The emergence of more reasonably priced items has had a significant impact on long-established luxury names, but the fashion industry as a whole has had numerous ups and downs over the years.

Destination XL has been successful because it caters only to men’s clothing rather than attempting to corner the market on all things fashionable.

This business has been making clothes for big and tall guys for over ten years. Thanks to its worldwide reach and flourishing e-commerce network, its items may now be purchased all over the world.


How to Take Survey?

Visit if you want to find out more about the Destination XL consumer survey. You’ll be asked if you made your purchase online, in a shop, or over the phone on the very first page of the survey.

After extracting the Destination XL order form from the mailing envelope, you’ll need to fill in the appropriate store, transaction, associate, and salesperson numbers. Start the online survey now and let us know how we can improve your next visit to a Destination XL store.

You may boost your chances of receiving the prize by doing the Destination XL customer survey in its entirety. Complete the Destination XL survey and provide your contact details at the end of the questionnaire to get a discount coupon.


Benefits and Advantages

Visit telldestinationxl to complete the Destination XL Guest Satisfaction Survey and enter for a chance to win $15 in store credit. Make a purchase of $100 or more and save $15.

Rules and Regulation of Telldestinationxl

If you want to take part in the official Destination XL survey, you’ll need to have a recent receipt or survey invitation in order to input the correct survey code.

You’ll need a computer, laptop, or smartphone with internet access to take the Destination XL survey online.

Customer Satisfaction Survey for Destination XL requires participants to be literate in English.


About Telldestinationxl Company

Destination XL is the result of a merger between the original DXL shop in Rochester, New York, and the stores Rochester Clothing, Men’s XL, Shoes XL, and Living XL.

The Destination XL Group owns not just DXL, but also Rochester Clothing, Men’s XL, Shoes XL, and the DXL-inspired Living XL. Canton, Massachusetts natives Calvin Margolis and Stanley Berger started the company in 1976. The company’s success has led to the opening of brick-and-mortar stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Destination XL is interested in your feedback on your most recent experience with them so that they may improve their services. The company is interested in hearing your thoughts on TellDestinationXL, both positive and bad, and will provide discounts or other incentives in return for your input.



TellDestinationXL is hosting a competition where users may register to win a $15 discount voucher redeemable for $100 at their website. Spend a few minutes answering a few questions to aid the company’s development.

Telldestinationxl Survey FAQs

  • Question – Where can I find the Destination XL Guest Survey?

Answer – To take part in the Destination XL Survey, please go to

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  1. I can’t figure out your on-line survey but want to tell you that, I bought a suit fom your outlet store in Birch Run Mich on Jan 30th 2024.
    Salesperson Jamie #092899 was very helpful with the products and the fitting. When I went in, I was expecting to pay between 300.00 and 400.00 fo just a jacket. I ended up paying 303.00 for a Coat and matching Pants. Made my day.


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