EatOnThemove – Win Amazon Gift Card – Eat On The Move

EatOnThemove – The name of this company is eatonthemove company provides a reward of a Validation Code card to its customer when they complete their survey.


EatOnThemove – Win Amazon Gift Card – Eat On The Move

The Eat On The Move Survey, which can be found at, is being used to gauge how satisfied SSP Group’s customers are with the company.

Why don’t you give the Take On The Move survey a shot so that we can find out more about you? The restaurant is now aware of both its existing strengths and the opportunities for expansion that exist within it.

When you finish the Eatonthemove survey, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free Eat On The Move certificate or Eat On The Move gift card. In addition, the survey is quite easy to complete.

By rating and reviewing your meals using Eat On The Move, you may provide feedback to the restaurant that will assist it in enhancing its customer service.


How to Take Eat On The Move Survey

  • To get started with the Eat on the Move survey, visit the website at
  • Hit the key below.
  •  Pick your most recent destination and favorite store.
  • After that, you’ll be asked to specify when you plan to arrive.
  •  Some questions will be asked to gauge how satisfied you are in general.
  • These questions include topics such as customer service, product quality, and general satisfaction with the shopping experience.
  • Please scan and submit your most recent receipt from the SSP Food Store.
  • Tell the truth in all of the questions. Sincerity is the best reaction. Any votes in favor will not change the outcome.
  • In the survey, they will seek for permission to contact you. You must now supply your name, last name, phone number, and email address to be included into the prize drawing.
  • The gift voucher for £250 may be saved after clicking the “SAVE” button.

EatOnThemove Rewards

Benefits and Rewards

Customers who respond to the Eat On The Move customer survey will have the opportunity to win a free lunch if they are selected for the drawing. As a sign of our gratitude, Eat On The Go will give you a gift card worth $250 as a mark of our appreciation.

Your entry into the Eatonthemove Prize Draw will be considered incomplete until we have reviewed and considered your feedback. If you’re the fortunate winner, you’ll get a gift card to Eat On The Move in the amount of $250.

Rules and Regulatiion of EatOnThemove

  • Participants in the poll must be legal residents of the United Kingdom.
  • Everyone involved must be of legal age (18+).
  • You may only enter the sweepstakes if you have a recent receipt from making a purchase or making a payment.
  • After the results of the prize drawing are announced, the winners will be informed by mail.
  • The survey coupon is not redeemable for cash or other rewards.
  • One visit per person is all that is allowed. Multiple submissions will be disregarded throughout the random selection process.
  • You are not allowed to be a partner, employee, or family member of the SSP Group.
  • In order to take part in the Survey, you will need access to the internet and a device capable of connecting to it, such as a computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • In order to answer survey questions correctly, you need have a solid foundation in the English language.
  • The sponsors have the right to alter the rules, the drawing, and the rewards for the survey at any moment.


About Eat On The Move Company

Eat on the Move is a survey that was developed by SSP Group, The Food Travel Experts, to determine the level of satisfaction felt by its customers.

SSP Group is a food service provider that is based in the United Kingdom and has operations in both Wales and England. It manages luxury restaurants all around the United States of America.

They operate in 35 countries throughout the globe, giving them a truly worldwide reach. They are able to give access to these foreign markets because to the expert consulting teams they employ.

They come up with unique and intriguing ideas by drawing on their extensive culinary knowledge and experience.


Conclusion of Eat On The Move

Eat on the Move is owned by the British multinational firm SSP Group plc. They wanted to improve the system’s efficiency and their service to customers, so they commissioned the Eat on the Move Survey.

Share your life-changing event with Eat On The Move. They are always looking for new and exciting methods to serve their customers better. All responses are kept confidential and no identifiable information is used for marketing purposes.

FAQs for EatOnThemove

  • Question – Can you tell me more about the Eat On The Move UK Survey?

Answer – Eat On The Move is conducting a customer satisfaction study of restaurants and food delivery services called the Mobile Meals UK study. The survey inquires about the quality of the lunch service.

  • Question – What are the steps that I need to take to participate in the Eat On The Move UK Survey?

Answer – In order to take part in the Eat On The Move UK Survey, you are required to have recently used the meal services offered by Eat On The Move. After that, an invitation to take part in the survey will be sent to the email address that you provided before. To access the survey and submit your feedback, be sure to follow the instructions that are included in the email.

  • Question – In the Eat On The Move UK Survey, what kinds of questions do you have to answer?

Answer – In the Eat On The Move UK Survey, participants are questioned on the overall level of satisfaction, the quality of the meal, the variety of the cuisine, the cleanliness of the place, the customer service, and how well they were treated.

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