– Win $500 Gift Card – BJ’s Feedback Survey – We’re known as BJ’s, the corporation. By participating in BJ’s online survey, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card. – Win $500 Gift Card – BJ’s Feedback Surve

BJ’s invited its many satisfied customers to take a survey, which they could access at Customers who would want to share their thoughts on BJ’s are invited to complete a short online survey. BJ’s Wholesale Club is not offering any discounts or coupons to survey participants.

The following are the fast bjs survey questions and instructions. This is a lot like filling out a survey. If you need more time to complete the survey, please let us know. Have your most recent bill from BJ’s on hand in order to take part in the poll.

We appreciate your time and thoughts on this survey. BJ’s Restaurants has a monthly contest with a $500 gift card as the grand prize. Inspiring your participation in this survey.

Instructions for BJ’s questionnaire!

Feedback should be sent at When you arrive, a window will appear where you may choose between communicating in English or Spanish. Choose the language that best fits your comfort level.

A window containing the official rules for the competition will open in one minute. Before proceeding, please take a moment to read the following instructions. If you’ve gotten the OK from BJ’s, you may go forward with your family planning.

We need to see your most recent receipt right now. However, progress is impossible without it. Please indicate the date of your purchase and any other information BJ’s need to process your order.

You may now share your thoughts on your recent BJ’s shopping experience by responding to questions on the store’s workers, products, sales, and discounts.

Once you’ve finished responding to the last series of questions, you’ll be prompted to provide your contact details. Including your name, age, location, and contact information in the survey can help get things forward more quickly.

To send in your response, click the “Submit” button on the next page. By registering, you enter a monthly drawing to win one of five $500 gift cards.

Benefits and Rewards

In return for honest feedback regarding BJs’s services, customer care centers, goods, and employees, survey takers will be entered into a drawing for a $500 gift card.

Rules and Regulation of

  • The first and most basic stipulation is that you must be a first-time shopper at that particular bj’s.
  • The surveys can only be completed on a computer, laptop, or phone with constant internet access. The amount of time required to finish the survey will drop significantly.
  • On the receipt, you’ll find information about the club, the cashier, and the regulations governing your purchase.
  • Registration at is restricted to those who are 18 or older and who otherwise qualify.
  • The prize is neither transferable or resalable in any way.
  • You must be an employee or past employee of BJ’s Wholesale Club or a related company to vote in this survey.
  • The money will be redistributed if you win but don’t get your reward or if it was delivered to the wrong person by mistake.
  • No BJ’s Wholesale Club purchase is required to enter.
  • Only one entry per user per month is allowed.

About BJ’s Feedback Survey Company

The majority of its employees is located in the Midwestern and Eastern states of Ohio and Michigan. The corporation’s 2015 profit was $120,000,000,000. The majority of the company’s best-selling items are technological gadgets.

Almost 25,000 employees are now employed with BJ’s and make a difference every day. Brands like Berkley-Jenson and Wellesley Farms are part of BJ’s Wholesale Club’s inventory. To provide comments, visit


To better serve its consumers, BJ’s is open every day of the week. The excellent service at BJ’s continues even on major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. As a result, the most recent results of BJ’s research are very useful to the business and its customers. FAQs

  • Question – Who, precisely, is Bj’s survey’s respondent pool?

Answer – The purpose of the BJS feedback online survey is to determine whether the quality of BJS goods and services meets or exceeds customer expectations. Customers who take the time to provide honest feedback are entered into a monthly drawing for a $500 gift card in return for doing so.

  • Question – What do you want to gain by taking part in Bj’s customer survey?

Answer – In exchange for an honest evaluation, you may put a client into a drawing for a chance to win a $500 gift card to use at your restaurant.

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